Ten Small Business Tech Trends of 2021

There will be some significant tech modifications that could help reshape the small company landscape.

  • As 2020 ends, experts shared what they believe will be the small company tech patterns to keep an eye on for 2021.
  • Some tech trends, like the expansion of 5G cellular networks and artificial intelligence, will continue to increase in value in 2021.
  • Other tech modifications you can anticipate in the year ahead result directly from the continuous pandemic.
  • This short article is for small company owners who desire to take a proactive appearance at innovation trends for the coming year.

As a little organization owner, you may not be at the leading edge of developing technology as enterprise-level services often are, however, tech still plays a crucial function in the growth and effectiveness of your service. Given how much things have altered in the previous year, these small company technology trends are sure to be important in 2021.

While new infrastructure, like 5G, will continue to gain traction throughout the country, other trends –– such as customized marketing, software unification, and cybersecurity –– can likewise have a direct impact on little services.

Small company tech patterns for 2021

We asked tech specialists and small service owners what they believed the most significant technology-related modifications for small companies would remain in the coming year. Here are 10 little business tech patterns to expect in 2021.

Expert system

Artificial intelligence and maker learning have been hot tech topics for many years. As these technologies are executed into more solutions, small company owners will continue incorporating them into new and existing procedures in 2021. That might mean a broad variety of application circumstances, from voice assistants to personalized client experiences.

Meredith Schmidt, executive vice president and general supervisor of small service and basics at Salesforce, said that although artificial intelligence might seem like something just big businesses utilize, it will start to end up being more widely embraced by small companies.

“AI will assist small organizations to provide more tailored experiences to their consumers by maximizing their time and automating manual tasks,” Schmidt said.

Using tech solutions incorporated with AI can assist save organizations time. Salesforce found that 55% of small companies cite insufficient time as a considerable challenge. As a result, AI is poised to make little company operations more efficient.

“If you are spending nearly a quarter of your day on manual tasks, like inputting information, as our research study showed, AI and automation can be a huge possession,” Schmidt stated.

The proliferation of 5G

The adoption of 5G technology –– the 5th generation of cellular capability, which boasts substantially quicker data transmission speeds than the more widely supported 4G –– started in 2019. According to cell phone manufacturer Huawei, 5G promises quicker speeds than 4G LTE, with little or no latency (hold-up in data transfer).

This improvement is a significant step in the advancement of the internet of things (IoT), as 5G networks are more efficient in supporting the influx of interconnected clever devices. While there is a great deal of buzz surrounding 5G, however, it’s still in its early phases.

Comprehensive HR tech

One area that increased in importance in 2020 as an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic was the need for comprehensive personnel software and tech that will assist small service owners to keep an eye on their workers and their needs. Specialists stated they expect that pattern to continue in 2021.

Rhiannon Staples, primary marketing officer of Hibob, stated a great deal of the concentrate on HR tech originates from the shift to remote work, though this technology is sure to continue to assist small companies even in more typical times.

“The shift to remote work has changed organizations in terms of efficiency, engagement, culture, two-way interaction and worker advancement, and has highlighted the need for efficient innovation to help browse these challenges,” she said. “As such, centralized HR information systems have ended up being mission crucial.”

By looking at HR tech as more than just a “system of record,” Staples said, HR leaders, are beginning to comprehend that it can also assist develop a system of engagement.

“Many small companies rely on Excel charts or antiquated HR systems to handle their individuals, however, workers anticipate and deserve more, which is where centralized systems come into play,” Staples said.

Tech-assisted shopping

In response to lockdowns and other pandemic-related interruptions, major businesses have utilized mobile tech, online shopping, and mobile scheduling to produce a contactless shopping experience.

According to Staples, this modern method of keeping people safe has infected more than a simply curbside pickup, which has ended up being a natural extension of existing tech such as mobile payments and terminals.

“Mobile payments utilized to be a nice-to-have that brought the convenience of avoiding long checkout lines to buyers in crowded shops,” she stated. “Now, as an outcome of the pandemic, they’re practically a standard requirement for the majority of merchants. Shopping and having a look at with QR codes, and mobile terminals are now an everyday event in a lot of retail locations.”

With the vaccine not anticipated to reach an emergency in the U.S. up until at least the spring, these tech-driven options will remain in 2021 and beyond. In fact, Staples said, individuals, are becoming so utilized to this design of service that it would not be surprising if it became the new standard.

“Lots of sellers are revamping their in-store experiences to make them more reflective of our existing – and most likely future –– reality,” she said. “Even Walmart is upgrading 200 of its shops into airport-like experiences that stress benefit and touchless transactions.”

Remote onboarding

As populations continue to diminish in urban areas, more people will be seeking remote work. And as more companies embrace this brand-new model and the prospective savings that can come from it, they will have to rely on innovation to handle remote onboarding processes.

Onboarding is an integral part of working with new staff members and getting them up to speed with their duties and the company culture. Without the capability for people to link personally, either due to the fact that of the pandemic or their geographical place, companies will use a software application to do so, Staples stated.

“Technology that makes sure every step of the onboarding experience is prepared and orchestrated expertly will help a business make certain their new group members feel welcome,” she said, pointing out a Hibob research study that discovered that a bad onboarding experience presses almost two-thirds of workers to seek a new job.

“Business will invest more in innovation that assists individuals to comprehend the [organizational] charts of who’s who in the business [and] familiarize themselves with the pertinent connections they need to make beyond their instant group and allows them to make connections with others with shared interests,” Staples included.

Software application marriage

In the contemporary office, a growing number of tech services are becoming popular for communication. Businesses use Slack to connect groups, Outlook to send out important files, Salesforce to handle customers, Basecamp to plan projects, and Google Drive to keep business details, for instance.

“Linking software to deal with other software is hard,” stated Roy Mann, CEO, and co-founder of Monday.com. “There is going to be a breakthrough with integration platforms that will allow any software to connect well with any other software application.”

He anticipates that in 2021, the connection will finally link several platforms and enable seamless communication. For example, he said, client details will alter concurrently throughout platforms if it’s changed in simply one, and this marriage can save companies time.

Concentrate on cybersecurity

According to a research study from BullGuard, almost 60% of small businesses think it’s not likely they will be targeted in a cyberattack. However, many small companies have certainly been impacted by cyberattacks and information breaches, so 2021 must be a year that small company owners begin battling back.

Jim Lippie, general manager of cloud computing for software business Kaseya, stated little and midsize businesses (SMBs) need to start viewing security through the lens of business companies.

“They will lastly take security procedures to heart,” he stated. “SMBs, like their large enterprise counterparts, will lockdown on a comprehensive backup-and-disaster-recovery solution to keep safeguarded, and likewise form brand-new standardized stopping and tackling strategy to keep the organization even safer.”

Greater emphasis on automation

Automation has long been a buzzword in small service circles, however, 2021 could be the year that it takes a seat at the head of the table. Omri Traub, CEO, and founder of Popcart believes company owners will invest in 2021 seriously taking a look at automation as a method to conserve money and cover problem locations.

“With ongoing scarcities of employees within select domains, automation financial investments will continue to increase,” Traub said. “Examples for small company consist of online pricing automation to stabilize success and earnings growth, in addition to inventory management systems to make sure the ideal quantity of inventory is on hand.”

Looking forward, Traub stated he thinks there will be a “brand-new wave of companies” that will want to create these automated solutions. By supplying that service, he said, numerous businesses will take advantage of the cloud to help make sure that the push for more automation warms up.

Influencer marketing

Social network influencers and customized marketing are becoming viable opportunities for linking with customers and showcasing items. Gone are the days of driving sales through standard print advertising. Now, a company must have a dynamic marketing strategy, and in 2021, that will suggest working with influencers.

“Consumers desire more credibility in their advertisements, typically in the type of a recommendation from somebody they rely on, like an influencer,” stated Alex Shvarts, chief innovation officer and director of service advancement for FundKite.

Personalized marketing can assist you to link with your consumers and develop a specific niche within your industry. Working with influencers means comprehending your service’s needs and doing your research on who’s influential within the industry.

Social media advertising

A small company will continue to adopt social media marketing in 2021. While influencers are thought about as social network marketers, social network advertising likewise includes other locations, like pay-per-click marketing.

“As more services begin micro, social marketing will continue to grow as an economical and efficient method to target specific audiences,” said Matt Rosenberg, former communications manager for Wix.com and current senior manager of media relations at Weber Shandwick. “The capability to develop distinct and differentiating content that engages customers through social media channels is paramount in today’s growing digital landscape.”

This pattern is paying off: According to Rosenberg, three-quarters of U.S. customers bought a product they saw in a brand name’s social networks post. If you’re not currently active on social, it’s time to start showcasing your brand.

Secret takeaway: Small company tech trends to see in 2021 consist of artificial intelligence, the proliferation of 5G, thorough HR tech, tech-assisted shopping, remote onboarding, software application marriage, a concentrate on cybersecurity, a higher focus on automation, influencer marketing, and social media advertising.

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